Bret Hart Says Lewd Text Messages ‘Sound Like Vince’

The following article features quotes from Bret Hart and includes graphic depictions of alleged sexual assault by Vince McMahon. It may not be suitable for all readers.

The pro wrestling world has lived under a dark cloud ever since former WWE employee Janel Grant’s horrifying allegations against Vince McMahon, John Laurinitis, and WWE. Grant alleges that McMahon preyed on her at a vulnerable point in her life, offering a high-paying WWE job in exchange for sexual favors. As the relationship progressed, Grant claimed McMahon’s requests and demands became more and more sadistic. In her suit, she details a threesome she was pressured into by McMahon that included her being defecated on before being used for sex for over an hour without being given the chance to clean herself.

In a recent interview with Slate, WWE Hall of Fame inductee Bret Hart was asked about the more disturbing allegations laid out in Grant’s suit.

“When you get that vision in your head, you go, ‘That’s messed up,’” he said. “It’s too sick and disgusting to really imagine.”

Elsewhere in Grant’s suit, she includes text messages that she claims are from McMahon. The texts are exceptionally violent, controlling, graphic, and sexual in nature.

“They sound like Vince,” Hart said of the texts.

Hart has not been shy about distancing himself from McMahon in the wake of the allegations. Elsewhere in his interview, he makes it clear that he no longer has respect for his former boss and would not shake his hand if offered. He also recalled an encounter with former WWE referee Rita Chatterton where he apologized for not believing her claim that McMahon raped her in 1986.

Since Grant’s allegations have come to light, McMahon has resigned from TKO Group Holdings and no longer holds power in WWE.

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