Tony Khan Takes Shot At Shawn Michaels’ WWE NXT Booking

WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite engaged in a rare Tuesday night scuffle last night that featured both promotions pulling out all the stops to garner viewership. NXT leaned on main roster talent and legends to infuse energy into its show. Cody Rhodes was the first big name through the curtain, but names like John Cena, LA Knight, Paul Heyman, and The Undertaker followed. AEW did best: present a gritty mat-based product with significantly less time spent on the microphone. In the end, NXT pulled in more than 300,000 viewers than Dynamite, a win over Tony Khan that Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Shawn Michaels are surely celebrating.

Earlier today on Twitter, a few fans were conversing about reviews on the popular website for last night’s Dynamite. The site allows fans to easily access full listings of matches for pro wrestlers and events and encourages feedback in the form of reviews and ratings. One of the users pointed out how some of the reviews appeared to be from bots, something AEW President Tony Khan decided to weigh in on.

“And then on the Title Tuesday Dynamite reviews, amidst scores 1s and 3s, two totally unique users (who are definitely not both the same person) used the very common expression, ‘shows how bad he is at being a normal person’ on the same day reviewing the same show,” he wrote.

Khan’s response prompted another user to share a meme of Michaels in a suit, smoking a cigar before a Booker Of The Year plaque. They added the word “seethe” to get under Khan’s skin.

“Actually I’m pretty sure that last night blew whatever chance he had at winning that award,” he fired back.

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