Backstage News On Reaction To Tony Khan And His Tweets

This week has been a lively one for the pro wrestling fans, as WWE and AEW threw everything that they had at each other this past Tuesday night. Due to MLB Playoff scheduling issues, Dynamite was bumped from its normal timeslot and found itself head-to-head with NXT. Tony Khan stuck to what he does best, presenting mat-based action with limited promo segments to keep his rabid fanbase engaged.

Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Shawn Michaels integrated a series of high-profile names into their show, hoping to send a strong message to Khan and AEW about what it is like to go up against the might of the WWE machine. In the end, NXT was successful in handing AEW a viewership loss.

As exciting as the two shows were, the action off-screen on social media has grabbed many fans’ attention, as well. Khan has been on a tirade on X the past few days, kicking off with a quote tweet of a Haus of Wrestling story regarding the message Levesque and Michaels were looking to send the AEW President.

“I have a message for them,” he began. “See you TONIGHT at a special Tuesday Night #AEWDynamite: Title Fight Tuesday At 8pm ET/7pm CT on @TBSNetwork At least the first 30 Minutes Are Commercial-Free, + a big overrun TONIGHT!”

Khan’s response was accompanied by a screenshot from an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that sees Larry David’s character’s front door spray painted with the words “BALD ASSHOLE.” Who Khan was calling a bald asshole is still up for debate. In the days since, Khan has continued his shots at WWE, making light of Vince McMahon’s misdeeds and questioning the booking prowess of Michaels.

Fightful reports that AEW PR does not clear Khan’s tweets before they go out, but, even still, several people were surprised his latest tweet taking shots at John Cena and Undertaker got published. Some within the company felt he should not have tweeted it out, while others believed he was simply making light of a bad situation. It was noted that as Khan had everyone’s attention on X, he used the chance to announce several Dynamite matches on his platform.

On today’s Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez said he had heard from people within WWE and AEW who would like Khan to lay off with his tweets. “Can somebody get this guy off of his phone?” That seems to be the general sentiment he is hearing.

Haus of Wrestling sent Khan’s quote tweet of our story to many people in the business, and the reaction is similar to what Alvarez describes. One source in WWE I spoke with described him as “petulant,” while others felt it was just a bad look. A source from CM Punk’s camp responded by saying this is the kind of stuff that makes him happy to be away from the company.

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