Tony Khan Reveals When AEW Vs. WWE Rivalry Became Personal

This week, WWE and AEW went head-to-head as Dynamite was bumped from its normal timeslot due to scheduling issues with the MLB Playoffs. The match-up between the pro wrestling powerhouses resulted in some big-time matches and names being rolled out. The goal on both sides was to present a product that drew more eyeballs, and, in the end, NXT won the night by more than 300,000 viewers. The confrontation between the two also elicited a series of tweets from Tony Khan, who took aim at various names helping NXT win the day, including Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, John Cena, and The Undertaker.

The AEW President has taken to X once again this morning, this time to explain why he takes his rivalry with WWE so personally.

“This weekend marks 1 year since @MayoClinic saved my mom’s life,” he wrote. “During her ordeal many AEW talent came to me alleging WWE tampering, inducing them to break their contracts. I’ll never forget these phone calls at her side in the hospital; it’s when business became personal for me.

“This is nothing new, I mentioned it last year after she came home,” he continued in a follow-up tweet. “It’s relevant today because she checked in for surgery 1 year ago today. As I’ve mentioned several times since, @MayoClinic are heroes and thanks to them, her recovery from a very grim outlook has been a miracle.”

Khan’s X habits, as of late, have come under scrutiny from both sides of the AEW and WWE aisle. As we reported yesterday, those we spoke with in WWE’s camp felt the tweets Khan put out this week were a bad look that did not present him well. On AEW’s end, it sounds as if multiple people within the company would like him to stop tweeting, while others see some benefit, as he draws attention to his platform, where he regularly announces matches.

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