Ilja Dragunov Retains WWE NXT Title; Next Challenger Confronts Him

The main event of this year’s WWE NXT Deadline featured Ilja Dragunov defending his WWE NXT Championship against Baron Corbin. The two men have been embroiled in a feud that has gotten personal in recent weeks. Ultimately, Dragunov picked up the victory after a grueling, roughly twenty-minute bout.

The next man in line for a WWE NXT Championship shot is Trick Williams, the men’s Iron Survivor Match winner. Following Dragunov’s win, Williams made his way to the ringside area to confront the champion. Slowly walking behind him was Carmelo Hayes, who defeated Lexis King earlier in the night.

While unlikely, CM Punk may sign with the NXT brand, and if he does, he will likely be bumped to the top of the list of challengers. It is also possible that Corbin will make a case on Tuesday to stay in the NXT title picture. However, after spending so much time on the brand, Corbin could be moved back to Raw or SmackDown.

Tonight’s show also featured Blair Davenport winning the women’s Iron Survivor match, earning a shot at WWE NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria. Her celebration was cut short when Cora Jade returned, attacking Valkyria, who was posing in the entrance aisle.