WWE Star Is Down For Goldberg Retirement Match

WWE Hall of Fame inductee Bill Goldberg made headlines this week when he gave his blunt thoughts on Vince McMahon calling him “a piece of sh-t.” The former WCW and WWE World Champion made it clear that he did appreciate a variety of opportunities that McMahon had given him but conceded things changed last year at WWE Elimination Chamber.

As Goldberg recalls, he was dealing with COVID when he got the call from McMahon asking him to take on the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion in Saudi Arabia. Goldberg was willing to go through with the match, which required him to get in ring shape on short notice in exchange for being given a proper retirement match. McMahon agreed that he would make that happen, but following Goldberg’s loss to Reigns, his contract expired, and his hopes of a retirement match in WWE dissipated.

The Viking Raiders’ Ivar got wind of Goldberg’s comments on social media and decided to enter the conversation.

“If you are looking, I’ll have that retirement match with you @Goldberg,” Ivar wrote.

Ivar may not be at the top of the list for many fans when it comes to Goldberg’s final opponent, but he would make for an interesting match-up. His tag team partner, Erik, suffered an injury in September and underwent neck fusion surgery last month. There is no timetable for his return to WWE action.

Undaunted, Ivar has continued on as a singles competitor and has reportedly been winning over many backstage with his matches. In recent weeks, the former tag team star has competed against Bronson Reed, The Miz, and Akira Tozawa on WWE Raw. His matches with Reed, in particular, have been enjoyable, hard-hitting affairs.

Goldberg has teased that if WWE or AEW do not offer him the chance to retire on a big stage, he may book his own retirement tour. In the same interview where he spoke poorly of McMahon, he also mentioned that he had approached AEW about being part of fellow WCW star Sting’s retirement match. Unfortunately, Goldberg’s offer was declined, and his pro wrestling future remains in limbo.